* — May 5, 2016
These Green Days

After work
the first & the fifteenth


    & here are your two eyes.
    Have I told you?
    We’re drinking our green days.


    The waiter keeps lists these days
    and I’ve had more than enough.


    We keep the apartment in order
    the books placed two by two—


    your pillow next to mine.


    It’s like the sound of the air conditioner
    doing its job—


    I had to write myself a note to figure it out,
    the dishwasher turned on


    & my thinking the steam was a fire,
    not a fairy tale.


    We’re indistinct & loud on the platform
    these days        which are
    “moving us for 100 years.”


    I sing the song
    of the mojitos we drink


    & we still are
    new       like March


    money just enough
    please leave it on the bar.


    The crossed arms of so many young women waiting
    to be pleased.


    They’re all me,
    all of them.
Originally published in No Tokens Issue No. 2. View full issue & more.
Kay Cosgrove received a BA from Fairfield University, an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and a PhD in American Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston. Her manuscript has been named a finalist for the Field Poetry Prize and the Larry Levis Intro Prize in Poetry from Four Way Books. Her poetry has been accepted by The New Yorker, The Massachusetts Review, The Southern Review, FIELD, and EPOCH Magazine, among other journals. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. For more information, visit kaycosgrove.com.