* — July 26, 2017
@nature, how well do you know amerika?
UnknownNet Photography, 2014

have you met. ever

her, the androgynous here&now
—as in Time & Space—

rhythmless, interrupted hacks & wet Chins

it was cosmic

on a hill / blasted with wi-fi


I chased monarchs
through a field of violet thyme

telling you this, my docu-self

huffs a red sharpie and carves on you an X



against awkward space&time
voyeur—stunted & schlaffed
out in crud, your fingers swell like angel


cake in my mouth / Sputum River plays


I learn not to gag, and the tears
I cry, “im sew happy bb :)))” gd bless

we have, at least, each other’s / company (“alimony” sp?)
your Jeep parked outside my barn, the Port & crustacean in your hands / you shouldn’t

have…you shouldn’t have…



I said field of thyme / with an “h”
as in yew-man & yew-bris & yew-mid
as in yewman yewbris in the yewmid afterrain heat
dilates the mind
a door swelling shut into its jamb
like an ingrown toenail

it should hurt you


it should hurt you
Originally published in No Tokens Issue No. 5. View full issue & more.

Wo Chan is a non-binary poet and drag performer. Wo has received fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Kundiman, Asian American Writers Workshop, Lambda Literary, and Poets House. Their work has been performed at National Sawdust, Dixon Place, New York Live Arts, and the Architectural Digest Expo. Wo is a standing member of the Brooklyn based drag/burlesque collective Switch n’ Play and an MFA candidate in Poetry at NYU.