* — October 26, 2017
A New York Story (2)
The U.S. National Archives

A light rain in Inwood and the empire of snow melts and the music is out of
its case with the small islands of people gathered in their rooms with all the
curtains open so that all the views get all mixed up with the talk that gets all
mixed up with the train whistle (where does it come from when one never
sees the train?) and planes overhead; a siren, a car horn.
There’s always someone playing a scale on a flute or a piano in the same key.
And then, that nothing that feels like the end of youth.
I love it in the almost spring when the opera singers in their tight dresses
open their windows as wide as their mouths proclaiming NO SHAME
like old New York when people came here to start everything moving and
life was informal and from a window some tousled head drooped over a
ledge and yelled: “WAIT THERE, I’m throwing down the keys.”


Originally published in No Tokens Issue No. 2. View full issue & more.

Michael Klein’s third book of poems, “The Talking Day” (Sibling Rivalry Press) was both a Thom Gunn Award Finalist and a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 2013. His poems, essays and interviews with American poets have appeared in POETRY, American Poetry Review, BLOOM, Fence, Tin House, Ploughshares, Provincetown Arts, Poets & Writers and many other publications. For many years he was on the faculty of the summer program at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, where he was a fellow in 1990 and now teaches at Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro, Massachusetts. He lives in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts with his husband, Andrew Hood. For more information, visit boypoet.com.